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Got a place to draw stuff now by ~KatrinaTheLamia

Oh hey, I have my computer stuff together now! Hooray! So I can start posting a LOT of artwork. YAAAAAAAY!

Some of you may have noticed something about this artwork: it is smaller than my usual posts. Say what?

I'm experimenting with something. Right now, I'm posting tiny version stuff of my artwork. I'll have to work into the system my watermarking efforts, and figure out the perfect "sizing target" for the sample versions of my images. Possibly requiring that I have them under a certain amount of units and file size.

Which means you'll probably note that I've also set it up to have the "Premium Download" feature on my artwork. I removed the download check mark on any of my newer uploads. My older ones still allow you to download the work. So it is just the newer and getting ever better images you will find you have issues doing that. So yes... you can still grab and view my crappy old versions of my artwork.

KY: Fuck The Police Gently by ~KatrinaTheLamia

I really need to figure out some way to have my images float to the side in these journal things.

You'll note it has been a while since I posted pictures of my sexy damned arse. Well, there is a reason for that: most of the pictures I take suck. So... I'm making a new effort. Before uploading onto here, I put them onto a computer device I've set up to handle backing up images of my sightly mug. Then I go through the images and determine which ones can most easily be touched up to not suck as much.

Mostly it would be an effort of cropping the images (if needed/possible) and using Multiply and Addition filters on a duplicate layer of the image. Which ever has the image looking better. I might even make a wizard of some kind out of this. Do a few duplicate layer modifications (dup layer multiplied, duo layer addition, dup divide, dup lighten, dup soften, dup subtraction, etc), have the person able to select... and have it be part of Gwenview's tool kit.

Yeah, that is the other side of things. I have a better mobile signal in my new room. Not only that, I'm probably going to contact Shaw Cable and get a wall based internet connection set up. That is so I have some extra space until I reprogram every god damned think in KDE4 to be more friendly to mobile/dialup connections.

The thing is, in the last ten years people forgot how to have websites and network software play nice with dialup connections. Websites I can just figure out an application framework to go around it when it isn't playing nice. Usually it means blocking images, flash and ECMAscript, and if you know what you are looking for, you CAN reverse engineer a website to create a dedicated application to go around how much bandwidth (and CPU) the website itself wastes on its own.

The idea is I use Shaw to grab software, documentation and updates, while I work on software that can run excellently on dialup and mobile carrier networks.

Why dialup? Well... part of the thing with dialup is you have a small bandwidth and a lot of packet loss. If anything mobile data carriers tend to be BETTER than dialup. So the idea is to gear something to work fine throttled to 2KiB/sec downstream and a 1KiB/sec upstream, and do the job of the application. Then on top of that have it periodically check if the network has disappeared, and not lose major functionality when the network disappears. Like in that it can resume to where it was before when the network reappears.

At the same time, I believe I had this promised before the end of Septembre.
Ninja Slash Bad Dude Teaser Poster by ~KatrinaTheLamia

Yeah... I should start working on creating the sprites for this game's resources. You know so when I push it back, I at least have something to show you.

Seriously... at least SOMETHING needs to be made in creating this game. "Ninja Slash Bad Dude: Take on the President"... the story is simple, they cannot decide who is to kidnap the President. Ninja thinks it is Bad Dude's job this week. Bad Dude thinks it is Ninja's job this week. So the one to first to fail to Kidnap the President has to rescue (and then kidnap) the President.

Two game play modes off the bat... Ninja Kidnaps, Ninja Rescues, Ninja Kidnaps+, Ninja Rescues+, Bad Dude Kidnaps, Bad Dude Rescues, Bad Dude Kidnaps+, Bad Dude Rescues+... and possibly a hidden mode where the President preemptively kidnaps Ninja and Bad Dude, under the grounds "they possess levels of mass awesome coolness, naturally we must not allow Ninjas and Bad Dudes to be able to get their MAC on, as such would be disastrous for the women and children. We believe that one of them desires to kidnap the President while the other proceeds to rescue me."

Also the game would be filled with a romantic linking. Thus justifying the Slash in the name.

In case you were not aware, there is something wrong with me.

Donnel Practice by ~KatrinaTheLamia

Also... going to do a lot more Fire Emblem fan work. It mostly pisses me off how much I SUCK at drawing the characters. Usually with a bit of practice I get better at it.

A few ideas are in the area. One is a fan game... or at least an engine were people can share scenarios that need to be solved. Maybe even a fan fiction plot based on the Awakening characters. Maybe I could also get through Fire Emblem (GBA), Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones(GBA), Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (DS), Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (GC) and figure out fanwork stuff to post based on those games. Though a game would definitely be nice to work with. I've played a bit of Fire Emblem (GBA), The Sacred Stones(GBA) and Shadow Dragon (DS)... so I do know a bit about the series.

I'd grab a few of the NES, SNES and other games that were only released in Japan. But the FONTS they use for text on the older games. Seriously. This is why only NEETs play those games in Japan. I mean, okay the Fonts in North American games are just as fucking bad. However I've already damaged my braincells enough to be able to allow myself to be okay with those. The ones from Japan... they have characters that have only a single pixel different from others. I do NOT want to go on a pixel hunt when reading shit. I mean 32bit systems and up, the Font files are not anywhere near as terrible... but any attempt to read really old games fonts in Japanese just has me wanting to beat the fuck out of whoever designed those letters so terribly.

I mean... I could cause myself a load more brain damage to be able to be okay with it... you know as I am aware that the NEETs who'd be okay with those Font Faces would do.

The other thing I want to do, is create a Manga based on my play through of the game. The thing with the Avatar character is that the legends generally tell all sorts of things about him or her. Not able to agree on gender, looks, marriage, class, weapon usage, etc.

So I'd start it as one of the varied varied versions. Told by a spoony bard. With people keep asking him to tell about "Romancing Sa-Ga", because they liked that story better. "I don't like this story... the people in it are terrible..."

And indeed they would be. You'd learn way too much about Donnel and Panne's attempts to repopulate the Taguile race. With me having Donnel be REALLY outrageously racist. "Not cool, Donnel! NOT COOL!" being a tag line... and the Taguiles being played like Black people. With flash backs of the race being hunted down featuring "cone hooded ghost warriors of flame and bondage"... and the Taguiles general interest in bondage anyways (guess how Panne and Donnel get married? Donnel ties her up, and she gets off on it).

With Kitty Harlot (the name of the Avatar) meeting up with Yarne and immediately being interested in "repopulating the Taguile"... with Yarne realising what was hanging out.

Yarne's name revealed that it comes from what was used to conceive him... just like his mother's middle name of "Velvet".

The best part is we'd not have to show the images.

Every time we cross the line twice, the Bard, Mr. Spoon S. Spoonison, will be interrupted again, "can't you tell us about Romancing Sa-Ga again? Please?"

Also, as I figure out how to time comics, I'm going to start posting some smut comics on here as well.

I'm thinking if I have objects obscuring erect penises, fluid being created and any vaginal insertion, it should be okay by Deviant Art standards. Consider it is more the story and what not behind the sex that gets me off, and I can easily use my imagination for any obscured sex... it should be JUST AS HOT BUT THIS SMUT FOLLOWS DEVIANT ARTS SHUNT!

I think this journal entry has gone on long enough. I'll have to see how posting journal entries for when I post new artwork works for drawing traffic.

This was cross posting from Katrina The Lamia's Deviant Art


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