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Right... if I am to become super kawaii and popular on Live Journal, I have to remember to post entries.

I think I've also figured out why I don't want to post here. Seriously... HATE the assholes at ONTD. They are all fucking jerks and only want people to blow smoke up their own asses. I've not seen any clue to indicate that this isn't the normal level of moron to expect here.

If anybody thinks to get me to like that involves them wanking me off, blowing smoke up my ass, regurgitating my own opinions back at me, maybe even giving a bit of a rim job while blowing smoke up my ass and generally shitting me... well then, they usually get shocked and surprised and don't understand what they are doing wrong... "But... I'm being a little yes-man parrot and not actually my own unique person! Why don't you like me"

Maybe it is because doing that makes it so you are not people.

Sure... not doing that might make you terrible people... but at least you are people.

Maybe if I could get a couple different groups and ways to get other people on here to give a shit about this website. I mean... I don't even really come here to read posts for the most part, as I don't really have much for places to read posts. On top of that... what Live Journal suggests is shit like ONTD and the even stupider Asian version. Which I suppose I could use if I got really drunk and was sexually attracted to East Asian people.

Oh... right... PREPARE ACCUSATIONS OF ME HATING EAST ASIANS! Because I don't want to fuck them... I must completely hate them. As... that... makes sense... somehow. Apparently, only East Asians do stuff like Nepotism or grow up in rich fancy neighbourhoods too... never knew that until I got in trouble for being racist after accusing somebody of nepotism and growing up in a rich neighbourhood (and thus not able to connect with me). Apparently accusing somebody of nepotism is hateful to East Asian type people.

Can't I just fucking call them "Yellow People"? It is the fucking skin colour this shit is based on. Not where they grew up, lived or were raised. Much like I call Black People "Black People"... as a lot of them haven't been in Africa for a millennium or two, not all were brought over on a boat to Merka--some were incorporated into things in Roman times! Some aren't even in Merka either... calling somebody whose family has been in Sweden for three generations "African American" just sounds fucking special.

The hate doesn't even matter apart from one or two very visible features... let's just be honest about this when describing them? Please? Or is "not being racist" mean I have to insult people's intelligence and figure out how to be a hateful jerk using the proper clinical terms... as being racist means I'm just not saying my bullshit with the right proper clinical terms... and really nothing to do with the bullshit I am saying?

Oh... and not wanting to have sex with the group. Same reason I hate men and gay guys.... and gay guys hate women. Because not wanting to have sex means you have to be hating that group... or... something. I missed a memo or something here. I'm totally not caught up on these matters... and you guys are idiots from my point of view.

I might figure out more stuff to post... but it is kind of hard... when I don't really have much that I read or view on this website. Apart from one or two people's journals... all I see is generally the most banal crap possible. At first I wanted to be like, "maybe there is good stuff and I haven't found it"... but now I'm not really certain.

Give it a bit, and I will consider this website on par with Vampire Freaks... ah... good times... good times. Except, replace good times with "terribly frustrating times dealing with self righteous whiny assholes without any form of enjoyable reciprocation from the matter"... and you are getting closer.


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