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Velicorapter Incestual Relations


I want to talk about something I thought about for The Jurassic Park World.

At the end of Jurassic Park 3, it is suggested that the Dinosaurs have begun to move to other islands, and continue to grow and move into the rest of the world. Which is a valid fear... but... how much genetic material do they have to work with?

How do they avoid the obvious issues with Incestual Degradation of their genetic code? I'm certain that it is explained in one of the Micheal Crichton Novels... but those are irritating as all fuck to actually read through. His movies are awesome... his novels... ag! My eyeball fucking hate the novels. In the first movie, it is explained that they did not have much for dinosaur DNA, that they were lucky to splice together what they could... and ended up mixing in bird DNA to replace what they were missing. This was after Lizard DNA kept repetitively failing.

So the likely only had one set of DNA for each species. Two would be a bit unrealistically much.

They didn't even have any reason or rationale to have enough DNA to have mated pairs, as all the Dinosaurs were to be female so as to stop them from being able to breed. Never mind female means there is a W and Z chromosone pair, rather than X and X... due to how that set of species works. I mean, one would like to slam Dr. Grant for being sexist in creating a lesbian dinosaur pen... but in reality it is a bunch of gay guys, by different species (and genetic reproduction style) standards.

So the whole point was every dinosaur was to be a clone... and likely from one or two sets of DNA of that species.

How the hell do we not have a bunch of Velicorapters with Down Syndrome? If anything Jurassic Park and its followups have more in common with Deliverance than it would with any other movie concept. I mean... sure we want to equate Silence of the Lambs as being similar to Jurassic Park, as Hannibal Lector has a certain deadly quality to him. Also being based on a serial killer who 1950s Atomic American Suburbia had Transgenders turn squirrely like that. Where as today, trans* are just loud and obnoxious. While loud, annoying, obnoxious, opinionated and in your face trannies are not exactly the most entertaining to deal with... but compared to the "it puts its lotion on its skin, or it gets the hose again"... I'll take today's trannies. Even if it means I have to stop picking on Britney Spears. Who else could see Chris Crocker in a 1950s Atomic America Suburbia world going all Hannibal Lector? Who else cannot remove that image from their head now.

Your welcome!

Either way... when they end up meeting the dinosaurs in the Micheal Crichton "Jurassic Park" universe, the dreadful music that should be playing is Banjo music. Fears and hints of velicorapters around the corner... and the Banjo starts playing. The rapter looks at you... it is not saying, "your liver looks tasty with fava beans and a nice Chianti"... it is saying, "you have a purdy mouth, boy... I bet you squeal like a pig!". That whole Clever Girl thing isn't the Rapters trying to kill people... it is a misguided attempt to initiate an inbred mating ritual. If anything, the people should be glad they die... if they don't the have themselves being an obviously quantifiable mating pair for them.

This is without taking into account how they are hybrids should render them infertile.

How the hell do they spread. They should die off in a couple generations from gastric intestinal disorders much like puppy mills. Or via today's modern viruses and bacteria whom have variations they did not encounter on their island, in amongst the surrounding ones. Hell, one viral mutation, and they lack the genetic diversity to have any of them survive... and if any do... it will be another set of inbred raptors that have to save all of raptor kind.

On a related note, I do not enjoy Neon Genesis Evangalion... and yes, I am aware of the ending. Probably more so, after I learned the ending.

But I do enjoy the Jurassic Park series... enough that I begin thinking about the science behind it... and the biological likeliness of such a series.

That I then have to share my realisations... my realisations about Banjo Music and the admiration of Pretty Mouths and Pig Squealing that Raptors now shall inherently have.


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