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Oh gawd... I am looking at my general project listings. Most of them are mnemomics it seems.


I have the computer with layout software kind of repaired. So I will likely do more scripting for Hurricane of Katrina... and mess around with prototypical layouts for comics. Until I can go ahead and do the actual set of memoirs.

Homestuck Fan comics

These will also be made.


I am doing this... it seems.

Illustrated Guitar Chords

Well, I am learning how to play guitar again. I haven't been attempting this since I was fifteen years old. Though, the guitar chords are a bit of an irritation to remember.

So naturally I realise that as I drew Tarot Card images, Geomancy Divination Images, Iching, monster girls, mythology and various Monster Quest monsters... it became rather easy to recall those concepts.

So now, a project that shall be started is illustrated mnemonics for Guitar Chords.

Honestly, most of them will look generally in place here, as it is kind of biker bar and Rockstar stuff anyways all up in this. Right now, we have "A Minor", "D" and "G" for chords I can remember how to depict. G will probably be a G string over the guitar frets with the guitarists figures around it. A Minor will be an underage audience member lifting up her shirt, with her right hand depicting how an A Minor should be fingered on the frets (with a guitar neck superimposed over where her fingers are). D... no idea. I'm thinking Dee Snider, D cup boobs or Dee Snider's Dick. Maybe it will be Dee Snider's Dick in some D Cups... with the guitar neck superimposed over it, to show where your fingers go.

The guy doing the lessons asked what I wanted to know how to play... and I'm like, "ultimately? Power Metal"... and he was going, "I don't have any of that". Then I shrugged, "let's go with Classical Guitar. As that is kind of what Power Metal is based upon"... then he looked at me like I was crazy. Even though Power Metal does have a lot of Classical Guitar riffs influencing it, with its harmonic guitar actions, and simplistic lyrics than anybody can sing along with.

He ended up giving me Yellow Submarine... which I mutilated. However, I am but beginning in playing guitar. Everybody sucks and is total dildos when they start out. It takes years of practice, fail and hating yourself to get so you aren't dildos with guitars.

Illustrated Rules of the Internet

Yeah... this needs to finally happen. Not just Rule 34... all the rules should have illustrations depicting them. Possibly even Rule 34 variations of the Rules of the Internet. My head is full of WTF... in case you didn't figure that one out.


This is slow going. Mostly in that it really is hard to come up with a proper image for most of these... as most descriptions and depictions are not illustrated.

Honestly, I think just by doing this, I will get people generally making use of my artwork and having spread from this alone.

I look forward to some media item about medieval alchemy having my geomancy images mixed in, with the other stuff. Maybe in a future movie like the Thirteenth Gate... or National Treasure if it is doomed to a lame location. Seriously though... the Thirteen Gate, or Drag Me to Hell... or something that includes images that doesn't suck.

Or... Rob Zombie... -drools-

I think if Rob Zombie used or even referenced any of my stuff, I'd like explode in a pile of quivering joy... and have to be hospitalised from happiness based trauma.

Tarot Images

Still doing these. Just... having a few delays in how I wish to depict them. Also other things have my attention right now.

Thirty Day Monster Girls

I love these... this is totally a lasting thing.

Thirty Day Gore

This will never end... this is far too much fun.

Game a Month

March 2013

Didn't happen due to computer issues.

April 2013

Has been begun.


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