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Not going to do the Monthly Game Thing

So... yet another month... and the monthly game thing never occurred. There kind of is a reason why: I detest doing stupid things without any reason or purpose.

I mean... stupid things with a reason and purpose I enjoy.

Every time I think about what would mostly amount to terrible tech demos for each monthly game, I cringe... and it gets in the way of me doing the actual programming.

Look at the images in my gallery. Look at how I complain about how I cannot just draw something without explaining how or why it came to be in the image. Something to give clues as to what is being viewed.

The same is interfering with doing those stupid small game dealies.

Besides, I'm not going to be employed in the game industry anytime soon anyways... so I came to a solution during a leisurely playing of Dwarf Fortress... which I am certain I am somehow screwing up, but I think it is too early to properly know.

I should get to work on that Side Scroller game.... the one that works as a sandbox type game. The one inspired by Megaman.

Which is not to say that cannot inspire content for Deviant Art... the thing is, it likely will have eEchidna being made from it.

The first goal is to create the Linking Component and the Graphic Placement Component... as the two first major parts to concentrate upon.

The Linking Component will ultimately have eEchidna be a framework application type dealie. With the first Framework item being added in, being the Linking Component.

Now, having only a Linking Component is not going to be easy to test, or work with. So the Graphical Component would be the next part to throw in.

Possibly with a Scheduling item half assed into the thing. The first demo would be a silly little visual thing. Involving running.

With possibly another demo creating a basic controller setup system and network play added into the matter... or more specifically sending controller commands over a network. Being able to see what you did is a completely different matter.

After the video demo and the controlling demo, the next one likely would be a network play demo. The next item would be working in the physics and chemistry system into the game. Then having proper biology setup into the game. Then creating the AI. Then refining each part. With naturally new ideas showing up over the course of setting up these parts.

But yeah... it is well... I hated the game a month demo.

Cross posted on my Deviant Art.


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