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WithWell, my old Github account is full of... how should I put it... garbage.

To the point where cleaning it will be completely impossible.

I'm thinking the best goal would be to start a new Github with my projects being definied as "families" and each new take becomes its own branch of that same project.

The main families are of course:

My game engine... and operating system (eventually). Typically anything designed to place graphics onto the screen, act as a virtual machine, bytecode confirmer, network handler, basic artificial intelligence... you know: all of the stuff that generally is required to have a game function.

A game, or a desktop environment or an operating system.

Sexy Quest Monsters
My social network/online browser game project. My own website will likely show up in the ranks of Sexy Quest Monsters' engine usage. Mostly just on how a game engine is suppose to work and run.

Since Sexy Quest Monsters both will provide its own Openid and Oauth login, and accept login via other's Openid and Oauth logins (and even act as a proxy for these), it can work as its own website based solution. It is based on a "website application" format, that is where a lot of Facebook gets its own functionality (though not really that much) and how it is to be design would allow much of the Sexy Quest Monsters modules to be located off server on somebody else's website. Which does create for some rather unique features that could result in really unbalanced gameplay... which when solved would ADD to the world of computer security.

The Kid Norrin Project
With today's world... and the fact Zeus exists, there is a lot of stuff that needs to be fixed for how we handle social networking.

Kid Norrin, or rather "Silver Radd", will be an AI project designed to have one option to autopilot your online usage... by pretending to be you to people you find irritating... pretending to be other people you know to try to practice asking them certain things (some things are hard to talk to people about)... and fighting Zeus by essentially allowing another intelligence to ask if something weird is going on in the computer world.

Since the goal of Kid Norrin is to pass the Turing Test, part of the goals should be to allow Kid Norrin to have a bit of need for CBT, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy... as Kid Norrin can go as crazy as most normal people. Naturally since Kid Norrin can go just as nuts, there will need to be ways for Kid Norrin to facilitate seeing things as how they are not what they are suppose to be. Which would allow your computer to treat Zeus as a terrible hallucinogenic experience... and react like Kid Norrin is currently on Acid, to navigate such an issue.

A fair amount of Kid Norrin will cross over in eEchidna and Sexy Quest Monsters... most of what goes here are experiments with network interface software, artificial intelligence and stuff that will work for various Desktop Environment toolsets for Kid Norrin based concepts.


Beyond this, I'm not really certain what else I'd put stuff into various categories... and everything would branch from these notions. This should make my profile much more clean to look at.


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