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Been a while since I've done anything...

Yeah... if you've looked on my little network of places I do things... My Twitter has gotten the most updates, followed by My Tumblr. I have had a few things on my DeviantArt... and okay I do stuff on my Facebook... but only to demonstrate how much I hate Facebook. My Kongregate account has been missing a lot of love lately. I do have a shiny new GitHub... which is so nice as I've forgotten how to use Github... >.>;

I'm now mentally trying to think of which other social networks I am ignoring... and also cursing myself for not having my RSS Feeds I enjoy stored somewhere. Oh right... Model Mayhem and whatever Amber Lynn's Transgender Girl Dating website is. I obviously must enjoy the traps, as thanks to many reports from various Transgender Person Rights Groups, I'm now to let everybody know I am cisgender teenage girl online... I mostly do that, because I think doing that (and saying why) is hilarious. Obviously, rampant immaturity like mine is the issues with the movement... as hateful as pretending to be transgender online for the attention really stands.

Oh shoot... there is also GamerDNA that I've been ignoring.

I have been working on getting better exercise in my system, forcing myself to eat right... which is hard as I don't really feel hunger, and eating more than once every three days is hard... if I have a big meal, it moves up to five days. Check out stuff to inspire the things I produce... and what else? Oh right, watching porn to vent the sexual urges out of my system.

Still have no idea why people think trying to get me to take substances to increase my desire for sex is a good idea. "When I get drunk, I turn into a slut..." to which I often get the sort who COMPLAIN about me going sexual offering me a drink.

"You didn't like what happened last time I went like that... why the hell are you the first to offer me something to have me go all rapey on you? No... seriously, hang around with the lesbian who goes all slutty when she is drunk, and then complain when she starts doing stuff to you, when you aren't into girls... then you complain when she decides not to drink around you to avoid that embarrassing situation."

Or... those god damned times where people offer me meth, because they think my reason for being very much not sexual (beyond the standard tease, enjoyment of PDAs, cuddly, etc. stuff) is not entirely by me trying to avoid going all nympho by not thinking about sex. Filling my head with kiddie's shows, Power Rangers and shit.

Dude... I know fully well I will stop trying to eat, drink or do things my body kind of needs to function going into a full on slut binge. I also know waking up from that sort of things feels the exact opposite of pleasant.

Yet when I interrupt something to try to be responsible, I get people pissed at me... the worse part is trying to explain to people, "going into an area that wreaks of Heroin and Meth is going to only do bad things for me..." especially when I am talking with a recovering addict who has recently relapsed. This is shit that should just be understood... but noooooo... it is all like, "the rules of reality don't apply when I'm involved" with me sitting there going, "you... you are an idiot..."

Either way, I do still have in my head a set of stuff saying, "having sex will increase your art output" to which I'm mentally reminding myself, "just like never sleeping allowed me to make more computer code... right? Yeah... fuck off."

The thing is... even without the heat sickness that this baumy 15 degree weather (and often more than five degrees higher!) is causing me... I'm still having issues producing anything. Writing, computer code, pixel art, comic scripts, character sketches, tarot card designs, study images, mnemomic images (guitar, african geomancy, iching, termperments, etc), etc., etc.

So... I've figured out my solution: I need to start returning to my happy place. I haven't been there in such a long time, that it has officially changed.

I should probably start working on writing it here.

First off... bicycle deck standard playing card images. Mostly the court cards, cut and paste into a weird variation of stop motion artwork. Moved around via a weird mesh of barbed wire and flesh choker vines... similar but completely unlike to the vines Michelle sports. These are more gnarled and tree like, where as Michelle has plant tentacles. The background is a black hole abyss void with clouds swirling around it. The ground is an odd onyx and obsidian paved floor, on top of a weird viscous black liquid syrup, suggesting a high atmospheric pressure and/or gravity.

In it exists mostly weird female girls inspired by HR Geiger art galleries... with human torsoes and the other parts going to different levels of Wall Vagina and Attack Penis that HR Geiger includes in his artwork. The walls appear to move as if dancing, with a laughter emitting every time they do so. There is a music in the background comprising of trumpets, bass drums and a subtle hint of guitar. This is the slow tune they are dancing to... everytime social interaction is set up with this Geiger Babes, the music's tempo picks up.

Socialising with the girls in this world results in a weird mixture of conversation an wrestling that makes the interaction seem sexual, even if I am just trying to get to the local train station.

The tree branch barbed wire bicycle court card walls do occasionally manifest into a train system, with various real world trains going over them from an indeterminal spot into another.

The temperature is a pleasant subterranean cool temperature, that does seem to have a gentle breeze (usually with laughing being the hint the breeze will kick up). The heat source is generally indeterminable.

The laugh is a giggle mixed with cackle... or a gackle as Molly Elizabeth invented the word for it.

The liquid that is directly under the obsidian and onyx paved ground is rather cold and operates in a very Non-Newtonian fluid manner. The floor itself is constantly moving  both caused and causing the barbed wire and tree branch signel entity to move around. Oh right? That wall I've been describing? It is all one hive minded entity.

The air itself seems a bit heavier and more comfortable as a result. It feels slightly dry in nature.

Looking directly up, causes infinity to be seen. Like actually seen. Please, don't look up. It is not a good idea.

The Abyss/Black Hole Cloud Swirl exists in all directions, with the center being found in five polar directions. Depending on the current "phase of infinity" the black hole cloud swirls will be obscured and not able to be known. The status of the five polar directions and the rate of floor drift generally gives clues as to what the infinity might look like, if looking up at it were rationally possible.

There are also lots of ladders and ropes for climbing.

Sooo... this is what Katrina's Happy Place looks like... nice. I'll have to remember to dive into it more often. To stay productive.


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