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Weird and odd nightmare

So... I got some REM Sleep... sleeping behind the television in the common room... on the floor.

It is a good floor to sleep upon. It is not the best... but it is close.

I wonder if having my life fuck with me has had me develop weird traits to how I handle shit. I mean... drinking boiling water, meditation and sleeping on the floor... just add eating rice and I'm now motherfucking Buddha... I don't want to be Buddha, that really is not one of my goals in life.

In the dream I get kidnapped, and the dream centers around a hero trying to save me. I'm forced to watch and wait to be rescued... or so it starts to look.

I take stuff into my own hands. I organise an escape plan, replace myself with a Doppelganger. Suit myself with a set of equipment to allow myself to be an equal to the hero. Eventually the hero shows up to save me... and the Doppelganger attacks him as a false damsel. The hero defeats the True Final Boss and I jump beside him.

Turns out the whole time, that rival character who was kill stealing, power up cherry picking and doing all the standard behaviours in an MMORPG would have gotten the rival player kicked, and generally being rude to the hero... was me. Not taking the hero seriously, insulting him, taking stuff that would have ensured he succeeded, blocking him, taking the good kills, blocking off the easy ways, etc... was the damsel he was out to rescue, having broken free.

I woke up mostly pissed I even allowed myself to be kidnapped in the first place, and irritated somebody else was the hero and the focus of my dream. Ignoring how I easily got out and was the hero's rival.


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