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Pinterest the new search engine?!

Well, I decided to price check the fold out trays I plan on using to modify my laptops with for a bit. I found I had nearly jumped into Pinterest entirely with the search. Somebody's board actually did a BETTER job of getting me to see the different options, where they were as well as various modifications of furniture. It was really surreal... with just a few modifications Pinterest would actually be more human friendly to search for stuff within.

I have been cursing myself, as I kind of wanted to make a "screenshot to Pinterest feature" into my KDE4 setup... but currently did not have my programming tools up (and have not really read through all the documents to do so).

It is one of those things that I will definitely be looking into working with as I program for Kid Norrin and eEchidna. Kid Norrin being my usability based project, and eEchidna eventually just snagging shit Kid Norrin pulled off. For now... none of my projects are really anywhere... long story. Turns out I am rusty with programming as well--been out of practice for a bit too long. Give it a bit of time, and I'll be running circles around everybody with that stuff again.

Though now another idea in my head is: work to have as much information indexed via Pinterest as possible. Make a little icon image to use as a pin for a lot of the stuff... something generally representative of the content, and able to easily direct... and have various Unix documentation items show up. Particularly the manpages.

Now, if you remember, one of the things I really like is looking at those ridiculously detailed paintings that show up movies around Alchemy, Leonardo Da Vinci, the Spanish Inquisition, Satan Worshipping and the Gothic era's handling of the church. I honestly like the notion of doing those up for things that don't typically have them for them (like African Geomancy images) taking every element of it, converting it to weird surrealist symbolism and then having it work as a nice mnemomic that you can figure stuff out just by looking at the picture. Usually some detail referring to it will be featured in it (somehow).

It is all part of well... an aesthetic look attached to something else that is already fairly well done. Read the man pages for a bit, and you will be able to perform witch craft on your computer. The idea would mostly be to add a Technomancer feel to the images via associating them with the occult images in a Pinterest accessible (and "grep"able-esque, kind of, not really) man pages storage set. I mean... I'd not be doing anything to make the content of the man pages themselves less (and you can still access them manually... that hurt to type... no seriously, my fucking fingers)... but this adds a bit of a Hollywood Hacker system to the mix, that I mostly just like looking at... because that is why Hollywood Hacker stuff exists: it is nice to look at.

Normal Hacker type stuff has no place in any kind of Hollywood set outside a film on Cosmic Horror based on the mythos of Lovecraft. In which a text file with BASH script for some rather advanced stuff scrolls past the screen... to indicate somebody has just lost a lot of sanity. If done right, we can drop the Lovecraftian Horror and just have the BASH script flash across the screen and have even people who don't know BASH have nightmares from it. Have it be some kind of Content Management System (CMS) written in BASH for use with the Common Gateway Inferface (CGI)... something that can take posts, process them, save them and retrieve posts wanted, as well as the ability to log in...

I cannot type more on that topic... as I'd need to be wearing a diaper first... the horror... THE HOOORRRROR! I KNOOOOOOWWWW THHIIIIIINNNNGSSSS OOOONE WAS NEVER MEANT TO KNOOOOOOWWWW!

Now, ignoring that I can forgo the need for a D3 save roll for sanity, by merely taking the penalty, "unleash bowels" for a bit. Even if it is useful information, as attempting to roll a geometrically impossible shape to try to SAVE on Sanity kind of is counterproductive. It was worse when I had to roll two D3 to handle two targets coming for me at once. The game master's screen... table, basement and Q'THUGENARG all imploded into a weird space vortex. The game master was pissed as his mind had been hiding the Q'THUGENARG from his knowledge it existed in an effort to protect him and all of us from the madness that just this creature even existed outside the strange rantings of somebody clearly mentally broken... then again, as my attempt to roll two geometrically impossible shapes at the same time killed it.

There is no words or way to describe the lack of comprehension that occurred here, as even describing us not understanding the situation will be impossible to understand! WE WERE NOT READY! PLEASE! JUST HAVE MERCY AND END US QUICKLY FOR OUR BLASPHEMY!

... right...

Yeah... so I'm going to figure out thirty manpages for the first batch of coming up with Hollywood Hacker Technomage type images to depict the manpages. Then put those manpages onto Pinterest to allow for them to be accessible from there as well.

Hey! I'm slowly making a dent with all this stuff.

Half the issue in this topic is describing it. As many of the images we associate with these Spanish Inquisition Occult, Arcane and Black Magic ARE MODERN DAY ADDITIONS. Most of what I am talking about might have existed in the renaissance, but generally the majority were still made after to look like they belong there.

The best part would be if a horror movie snuck some of these images into them, and only the computer geeks got the reference.


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