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Dream Diary: Katrina Documentary

This was done on the morning of July 18th 2013...

So for some reason I am called into my home. Having taken a kind of Metaverse approach to the Dreamscape as of late. Somebody was in my home, and was interested in knowing about me... which resulted in me being paged to return to it.

I appear in my home, having shed most of the stuff from the previous location I was... which is best described as "my real home". A dwelling place typically used by Michelle, but since having been brought back from the dead, I also tend to hang out there every now and again as well.

The room was a terrible rendered rendition of a location. The walls were all terrible overly compressed textures with JPEG artifacts in them. Not just the walls... so were the stairs. And the banister... was like a box with poles with white spaces as its texture. The room was a wooden lobby type room, where the door opens up into. A slight mud room to west of the door (the door faced north). Couches, cushions and bean bag chairs were all part of the textures on the east of the door. With a slight incline in the wall, to be able to fake sitting down.

The west wall had pictures of book shelves textured into it, and pictures of televisions.

South of the lobby were was a ramp with a texture of stairs on it, leading into a room seperated by a banister, with one wall that had a picture of a kitchen and a hallway to bedrooms on it. The east wall had a picture of a stair way upwards on it. In the lobby before the ramp with a shitty texture of stairs on it, there was a spot on the texture with a door to the basement.

All of these pictures on the wall were really shitty compressed jpeg images with artifacts and lots of pixels. Each pixel would have been about a square inch, from my perspective.

There was a girl and a guy walking around. They were clearly in a relationship... but the relationship was on the rocks. The girl was a curvy build, with a brown pony tail on the top of her head. Wearing a white spaghetti strapped top, arm bands right under her armpit and black flair jeans... you know the sort that have the pant legs get wider and wider until they get to the feet. She also had a strap going over her chest to allow herself to carry a long case... looking like it could contain a rifle... but it made the wrong noises.

The guy was tall, lanky, balding, wore glasses and had the expression of a plank of wood trying its hardest to look like Keanu Reeve's natural expression. He had two shoulder pads on, a white tank top, a black furry backpack and baggy black jeans with a thick belt. They both appeared to be wearing really nice boots by the sound their feet made on the floor.

There was a documentary about me on the television... it seemed more inclined to paint me as a buffoon and idiot. A lolcow if you will. Done very similar to most of the stuff on Encyclopedia Dramatic, to paint me as a lame person. My first comment was, "oh, hey a documentary... who would make one of those about me?"

I sit back on the inclined part of the wall that has a couch texture on it, "wow... this paints a very bad picture of me... hilarious though... the time some people spend on these things."

The girl looks at the guy, "doll house?"

The two then leave the room, I'm laughing, "oh hey! Come on, let's watch this... this is hilarious! Not entirely accurate... well, you'd expect me to deny all of that stuff. Oh god... that was me from four years ago! Hah! Look at how silly I look!"

The two of them walk out of my home, I then wait for the documentary to come on, but an error message at the bottom flashed, "person who requested information left"

In its place was a series of profiles for what looked like Fire Emblem characters. Giving a basic break down on the sort of stats each class could be expected. Except it was names of people I haven't met yet (but will meet)... and given odd classes. Actually one I've talked to was put as Ted Pocha, Boulder Wrecker. Then I realised they were all being given dynamic poses on Smash Bros stages and were rendered about as well as the N64 version of Smash Bros... except for one.

A girl with black hair, slim body, shorter than average height, a decent chest and eyes that can stare into your soul. Her outfit showed a lot of cleavage, and was doing the vampirella thing... except it seemed to be a living oil that stuck to her body--like the spiderman symbiont. Spiderwebs were involved in her costume. Her name was, "Morrigan Eris ??????" with her class being, "Reflection Bride Manifestation" She was extremely well rendered, and was put under a cliff with a large amount of forest around her, a blue sky... with crows flying around her. Apparently a class that could seduce those around her... and empower those that were with her.

The image was trying to indicate that this was what I really am, and that I'd have to face it, deal with it, or be it... or something. It was really weird, as I know look nothing like that and really have no danger of becoming that. It seemed kind of cool, but I was getting my hopes up here, I clearly knew.

I ended up waking up... those two people clearly not coming back... and wanting to think about my direction in life. Mostly due to how the documentary painted me from four years ago as silly and stupid--wondering if I am that foolish right now and not even aware.

Kind of wanting to see if I cannot have a decently rendered version of that house.

Note: Question marks are where I cannot remember what it said.


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