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Let's try doing the "Your Name" Spread

This is another I found in the listing on aeclectic. Over in the "Your Name" Spread thread.

A quick copy and paste because Internets going down always sucks... and always have five backups. ALWAYS.
[This is the contents (Click to Open)]
It came out of the book Heart of Tarot by Amber K & Azrael Arynn K

The instructions did not quite fit the diagram of the name they used as an example[. S]omething [state] about row one when it seems like they are refering[sic] to row two?? I don't know-lol-anyone who has this book I'm sure knows what I'm takling[sic] about. It is possible I was just not reading it right & no matter how many times I read it, I was stuck on my first take-any way- I did this spread how I felt it should have been done- the reading was absolutly stunning-

You use your whole name, giving a card to every letter.

Your first name is divided into 3 parts- past- present & future. The three sections should be balanced...

Let's say the name is TOM..T=past; O=present M=future, now tom is actully[sic] short for Thomas, in that case it is divided as TH-OM-AS.

[I]f there is a [ modulus of 3], like my name, my present section had 3 cards & outters had 2. This is what I mean by balance.

The middle name is done in the same manner- the 3 sections representing; [obstacles]-self-allies

The last name gets divided into 5 sections- it is said that if there are not enough cards to add the 2 or 3 needed. In most cases {unless you have a REALLY long name} there will be one card for section 1-2-4 & 5, with 2 or three in the middle. [...] [T]he meanings of the cards in those 5 sections are body-mind-spirit-emotions-will

My Reading:
Past:: (C-A-T): Six of Cups, Eight of Wands (Inverted), King of Wands
Present: (A-L): Three of Swords, Four of Wands (Inverted)
Future: (I-N-A), King of Cups, The Devil, The Fool (Inverted)

Obstacles: (C-A-L-I): Queen of Wands, Three of Pentacles (Inverted), The High Priestess, Eight of Swords (Inverted)
Self: (S-T-A A-U): Death (Inverted), Four of Swords, Four of Cups (Inverted), Three of Wands, The Hermit (Inverted)
Allies: (B-U-R-N): Ace of Swords (Inverted), Magician (Inverted), Seven of Cups, The Emperor

Body: Justice
Mind: Page of Wands
Spirit: Seven of Pentacles (Inverted)
Emotions: Two of Pentacles
Will: Six of Swords

It... seems like an overly long reading to state in my past was somebody who could keep going and keep going and build stuff up... likely somebody I knew. Who provided a set of emotional harmony in my life. However, the movement was just going to head downwards between me and this other person.

In the present, I only have hurt, and retreating to my own to meditate on this stuff.

The future includes poor evaluations involved in me doing carnal fleshly desires with somebody who only has kind thoughts for me, that are carefully controlled by that person... I guess I might be getting a sugar mommy/daddy.

My obstacles include a fight with authority in some regards that is sloppy, for somebody who generally very caring... fights against authority and generally filled with emotions.

My self is described as hiding to consider things during stagnation and peace... hiding from responsibilities.... to figure out the answer and new lesson.

My Allies involve a wise caring figure around managing food and supplies, people who hide what is hurting them, people who mismanage their power, people who can change the world with their imagination.

My body is balanced, and generally kept in an innocent state... wow... looks like it is talking about disease.
My mind seeks to begin a journey where I burn bright and continue to build as I go.
My spirit is somewhat scared and concerned about the direction it is going.
My emotions are full of ideas on how to build themselves up more.
My will, as ever... is about getting up, and going forward.

Seems a bit of a silly spread... verbose... and a bit ridiculous. Won't use often, really.



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