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Well, not certain if I have reported my current understanding of my multiplicity onto LiveJournal, so let's actually work to write this out.

Seems that my status as being left handed might have added an odd curve ball into the mix. Which would explain some of the odd states involved here.

They have found that nine tenths of people who are left handed, are the results of twins who ate their sibling in the mother's womb... that is, of the ones that are not obviously twins. This has to do with the general more ambitious nature of the left handed child using the general energy of the other twin, to boost his/her own strength during the term.

While I... well, we (I suppose), lack a better explanation for how the next step has came to be... I guess it could be phrased as, "if you believe in souls, what happens to an unborn twin's soul, should the unborn twin be eaten during before she can be born?"

While I am prochoice... mostly as it means it involves a choice, not for the reasons of wanting to be a baby killer. I mean, I am a baby killer, but I really don't enjoy the notion that my choice to kill children might not be something I can handle. At the end of the day, the children I kill, should come down to me and a decision to put the telephone cable down for a few minutes. In uterus, it is might bit tougher to kill children without causing direct physical damage to the mother... killing children will always cause emotional and psychological damage to the mother. Which is why anybody who wishes to make the choice to kill children in that state needs to get help from a third party that is neither the mother or the child desired to be snubbed.

But I digress.

It turns out in the case with Good Heads and Bad Heads... we are both here in the same body. With Good Heads typically having the role of operating the legs, feet, arms, fingers and occassionally tongue. As she likely was the one who consumed her twin sister. The twin sister still having some presence... but not really that much, overly.

As per how this ended up working out for other details, besides being left handed.
  • Use to get stories that Mom and Daddy thought I was twins... but it was chalked up to equipment monitor failure
  • The stories that I use to do somersaults, roll around and other general unlikely things while in Mom's belly... stuff that is a bit odd for a child to do in pregnancy. Something none of my siblings ever did.
  • Mom's bruised ribs. To the point where she had to get medical attention for it. Like something was trying to escape from within inside her.
This can be moved into having a bit more accurate of an understanding of why Bad Heads shows up as different from the other personalities.

Due to the conditions present during our life... it seems Bad Heads never went to having any kind of multiple status. Good Heads appears to have had this happen with her own person. It is also why when Bad Heads had to take over from Good Heads... the blurring didn't happen anywhere near as much. Good Heads, was still trying to figure out how to revive one of her own versions of herself.

Reset Katrina being one of the versions Bad Heads managed to grab... and then base a much harder to permamently kill Good Heads around her as a default. With Always on Fire Katrina being used a bit for inspiration, to remind Bad Heads what happens when Bad Heads dies... and to try to instill this ability into Good Heads. To help Good Heads figure this stuff out a lot quicker.

Turns out, part of how all of the Good Heads Collective could keep their information tracked (as none of them had any idea how they were doing it) involved Bad Heads storing it and tracking it for them... without so much as a thank you ever (until now).

Also, with Bad Heads stuck in the dreamscape, she managed to develop a bitter odder sense of how to handle humans.

It has been noted that the twin sister we've kept locked up, seems to not understand emotions and dealing with people as well as the rest of us. Bad Heads has several times managed to come to the conclusion somebody was interested in us... which Good Heads managed to quickly deny such an interest.

This also explains why the person I have a weird quantum sync with, to the point of gaining creepy twin powers, only seems to sync up with Good Heads... and seems to act like how normal people act around Bad Heads. The explanation is that this guy is a future incarnation of me... turns out, he is just the future incarnation of Good Heads. Bad Heads is not somebody mentally related to him... beyond a previous version of him eating Bad Heads.


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