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Oh hey, got this from aeclectic... over in the the thread describing it Present Life as Explained by Past Life.

Now, just putting a quick local one, as a form of cache or back up step incase the internet decides it wants to uninternet.

[This Spread Description (Click to Open)]

Present Life

1 - Situation/issue in Question -OR Present Life Purpose
2 - Challenge/Obstacles in present life
3 - Talent/gift in present life
4 - Present life outcome/situational outcome -

Past Life (in relation to present life)

8 - Related Situation/issue in Past life -OR Past Life Purpose
9 - Related Challenge/Obstacles in past life
10 - Related Talent/gift in past life
11 - Past life outcome/outcome of related situation in past life


5 - Death in Past life: Circumstances surrounding the end of the first life
6- Life in between lives
7 - Intention for current life (devised during in-between life, prior to incarnating into present life)

It was a pretty interesting spread, and can be used for a general life
purpose and continuity thing, or for a specific issue that you want to
shed light on...like, "why am I afraid of men with facial hair?", etc.

Now, keep in mind... there being two souls in the same body... meaning two previous lives between the both of us... this might be a bit weird.
  1. Three of Swords [Inverted]
  2. Knight of Swords
  3. Page of Pentacles [Inverted]
  4. Five of Swords [Inverted]
  5. Three of Wands [Inverted]
  6. The Sun [Inverted]
  7. Seven of Wands
  8. Eight of Swords
  9. Six of Cups [Inverted]
  10. Six of Pentacles [Inverted]
  11. The Hanging Man [Inverted]
So... my previous life generally didn't have much of anything done. My inability to incorporate different ideas made it boring.

My dead was thus very disappointing (why... why does that piss me off as much as it does?) and I had a few lots of loneliness and uncertainty--fear really--in the world between worlds... so I came back to prove a point... and gain an advantage.

In which my main purpose, and common situations is to confuse the fuck out of people, having the challenge to dive into things (having been trained to dive in head first) with the subtle knowing while doing thus... my main strength is the ability to think of more ideas than anything else, to be a dreamer. The outcome will be no more fucks given about anything anymore. Able to handle change, gain the ability to fuck with shit without worry.

That... sounds... like... it might actually make sense.



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