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So, I have another spread from the list on Aecletic. Over in this little nice thread here: Reincarnation Spread.

Copying the thread contents here, incase internet uninternets and breaks. So you know, have like five backups for anything.

[The post containing the spread (Click to open)]
I saw this spread in the book 'How to read tarot Spreads' by Sylvia Abraham. I've had some good results with it so I thought I would share.
  1. Who was I in my last life
  2. Was I married?
  3. Was I happy in this past life?
  4. What kind of work did I do in that life
  5. Was I an honourable person?
  6. What type of problems or challenges did I deal with?
  7. Was I a famous person?
  8. Was my health good during my past life?
  9. How did I die?
  10. Did I have a soul mate?
  11. Is my present love someone I knew during my past life?
  12. Am I linked to my parents of today from a past life of mine?
  13. Are any other members of my family from a past life of mine?
  14. What do I need to learn during this life time
  15. Will I reincarnate after this present life?

And... now the cards.
  1. The Hierophant
  2. Two of Pentacles
  3. The Sun
  4. Nine of Pentacles
  5. The Hermit (Inverted)
  6. The Tower (Inverted)
  7. King of Cups
  8. King of Wands
  9. Ten of Cups
  10. Seven of Cups
  11. Two of Swords (Inverted)
  12. Nine of Wands
  13. Eight of Pentacles (Inverted)
  14. The World
  15. Queen of Swords
So... in my past life I was a prophet whose relationship was mostly with a bunch of whores generally VERY happy in my life.

A self made woman, I tended to shirk away from duties I should have been looking after. My biggest issues was dealing with oppression towards my person.

I was a very caring person, generally kept my emotional side under control, but generally cared a lot about people, provided anyway I could for them. In my life, I just kept going and going, getting stronger and more effective as I went along. Until I died from a disharmony in our family.

Having a soul mate is a bit of a ridiculous question as anything to the imagination was there... I but dreamed it and I had it. There appeared to be some competition for my own person.

On the area of previous influences it feels like I am being followed around. My parents making me rather wary and the general information of other people out there just overwhelms my mind of who I have met once before.

My goal in this life is to know all of the world... and I will reincarnate at my own control, thought, whim and desire.


This oddly holds up with a few other spreads I have done in this area... seems my biggest issue with not moving around much in my previous life, is that everybody seemed to want to jump my bones. With no possible way to decide who I'd choose from it... and... they followed me into my next incarnation.

That is... the most hilarious part of this read... the fact in my previous life I was a veritable mac daddy... and my band of hoes followed me.



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