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Oddly not multiple...

Whatever Bad Heads did, when she revived me last Octobre appears to have my head only have me (Good Heads) and my unborn twin sister (Bad Heads). Seems bringing me back to life in a much harder to "shatter" fashion has a side effect that I don't splinter off as much. Other parts of the Good Heads soul generally are drawn together into a single entity.

Bad Heads mentions that she understands the strategy I was using... but ultimately it is not needed any more... and would be impossible to set up as it was again.

I'm having a few episodes of anxiety attacks from all the parts that were Good Heads being in the same person.

The only other person that shows up is my time traveling paradoxical daughter that I'm certain Bad Heads just invented to really fuck with me in a nightmare. She did a good job of her nightmares, as Elissa Crickmore frightens Bad Heads even more than Elissa frightens me. I just go with it being a character a writer made going beyond the writer and making her own decisions.


I think the whole "not able to go multiple" and having several Good Headses fused into one Good Heads is part of Bad Heads going really far out of her way to create a terrible nightmare.


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