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Right... well, I'm now slowly getting my mobile internetwork fortress of doomed set up. Next step: dinner table stands for my laptops to be propped up on... and eventually turned into little kick out leg stands for these systems.

Right now, I am seeing a few commercials for a lot of the stuff developers are doing for Chrome. Which is quite impressive... but your not trying to impress me.

Nobody tries to impress me. I just state when I'm impressed... and that usually means you failed nice and good.

The thing with Chrome's Apps is they completely misuse the fact it is a web browser they are doing stuff within. I get that most people don't give a shit what OS they use, just as long as they can open a web browser in it... but there is a bit of a line for being able to manage your projects in an effective and direct manner and methodology.

Chrome already appears to have Chrome Native applications to jump into YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Which Firefox has... but nobody every really gives a crap about, or uses for the most part. If anything, looking at Chrome, I'm reminded more of stuff I want to develop on KDE. Which has me jumping back a bit... and going, "wait... a second. Doesn't Google have any other computer systems to work stuff onto?"

Wasn't there this Android thing that Google was making a decent amount of use with? This on top of Google+ being used for games and applications as well.

Google has three platforms it is developing and working with... for software that doesn't really need that stuff.

My view is a better set up: just move everything into Android.

Chrome? That is now a version of Android that can be downloaded onto your computer system, and defaults to the Android Chrome Browser. Though still able to access and handle all of the other Android applications. This would require a bit of modifications of the JVM it would be running ontop of, to get around lack of kernel level security controls on anything that isn't Linux... and even Linux. As well, running Android as a DE in userland is kind of... not something you can do.

My brain literally just killed itself, trying to imagine using Android as a DE in Linux. Good thing I am immortal, and thus not able to have death be anything other than a mere irritation... but still.

The thing is: if done decently, with a light level way to manage each Android concept in a modified JVM with init.d process handling, you should be able to have something that can run half ass on older computers. If Google could get my old Windows 98 computer... that I only have in fantasy land... as too much of my hardware lights on fire for me to have any computer long... much less one running Win 98... but let's say I have an old computer running Win 98. Maybe with a RAM upgrade to a generous 128MiB of RAM. You know, to give plenty of room for Google. Not that 32MiB of RAM should be a challenge, as Android runs on Smart Phones.

Let's say Chrome becomes "Chrome Android" a hybrid alloy of computer solutions, that essentially is advertised as a web browser like Chrome currently is... I think... I see stuff making it out to be a program platform. With a few bookmarks to Chrome Android specific applications or just starting up in a homepage in "Chrome Android Chrome"... if worked well, it could be more confusing than Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo for grammatically syntactical irritations. I mean... it could reduce the general codebase than Google has to maintain and audit.

Next is naturally Google+. Which honestly, would best work as a server based side way to administrate Androids and Chrome Androids. Naturally Google+ would need a Android Web Interface. Naturally the name that best would work is Android Google+Spyder Web... or assuming Spyder is redundant, Android Google Web. Wait... didn't DARPA set up some project called Skynet recently? Can we confirm the CEO of Google is not a Skynet drone? I know this is why I'll probably never be trusted near him... I'll keep trying to open his chest by twisting his nipple with a monkey wrench...

Actually, he might be into that stuff... you know, going with the more likely answer that the Google CEO is not an drone created by Skynet.

Though, there is a bit of an issue with such a name for Android Google+Spyder Web... somebody will eventually make a Gynoid Google+Spyder Web which will mate with the Android Spyders, then eat the Android Spyders and leave her egg sacks in people's heads... wait... maybe that is the point of Google Glass... to allow Gynoid Spyder to lay her eggs in your head.

The thing is, there is three obvious codebases that Google is operating with. One of which nobody uses (seriously? Google+? Eeeewwww!) and the other is being completely misused (Seriously, Chrome, you are a web browser, stop pretending you aren't... or stop pretending you are web browser).

Of course now I am starting to understand the issues Microsoft is facing when it released Windows 8. Google mostly entered into the Phone market to keep Apple from cash blocking them. Cash blocking is like cock blocking... but for more important stuff: money cash. Google then enters into the social network to keep Facebook from cash blocking them from the wall garden website side of things. With Blackberry having to UP what they are doing on their end to compete with Apple and Google.

Now, some of you might remember the last major change Blackberry has done with its system. Somehow you escaped the old folks home and are on the web instead of playing bingo or doing arts and crafts. When the head nurse finds out, you will be in trouble.

The thing is, I'm wracking my head to think of what I'd do to change Blackberry's setup. I'm coming up with nothing. It knows what it is doing. It is well designed. Well balanced, and very usuable. Very utilitarian... and I don't think adding psychodelic weasels and sparkles into Blackberry is anything other than stupid.

The main issue with Blackberry is people forget they exist. Dude... have like some scandal. Bill Gates was VERY good at causing scandal. In fact, I think that might have been his MOST successful way to run his company. Nobody remembers OS/2 Warp... why? Because we don't remember who was behind that. Meanwhile we have videos of Bill Gates freaking the fuck out on people and throwing a chalk at a student... wait, I think I might have mixed that up with one of my strict teachers.

People are all, "who the fuck is this spaz?"... and then his software sells, because nobody knows the other guys exist. Hell! Think of everybody who knows about the Phantom and Ouya game consoles? They are never going to come out: but their brand name is well known to people.

Blackberry, a generally professional company, that is smart and well done out, essentially has issues in the market, because they aren't as much of douche bags as Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs. Yeah... Steve Jobs made a computer into a lamps (to compete with Bill Gates making them into toasters)... but at least people were aware of these computerised lamps.

Hell, most people only know of Linux BECAUSE of Bill Gates being a douche. During the antitrust lawsuit, Bill Gates was like, "you know, there is this penguin... Pengoo I think... no that was a stop motion cartoon. I'm pretty sure there is a piece of software with a penguin mascot, I can use to justify my douche baggery here."... and it turns out he was right.

The thing is: Google isn't in much danger, and people know they exist. They could probably begin to improve their hold by simply reducing the code base they are developing with.


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