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Stuff to set up my mobile empire of doom

In today's pimp my crib, we deal with me being a hobo. Any time I try to build up somewhere I live, it ultimately is at that point stuff happens that I half to leave.

Which is where I've begun work on creating my mobile fortress of cartoonish evil.

The idea is eventually get to the point where I have a Zeppelin Fortress, a Train Tracks Headquarters and a Truck Convoy HQ. Motorcycles able to be deployed from ALL of those.

Though... that is not until some time in the future. Right now: Television Dinner Fold Out Trays! Wooo! Wooo! oooo? Oh come on, humble beginnings people. Today: EVIL FOLD OUT DINNER TRAYS, then eventually we move up to an entire mobile gypsy fleet of kick assery AND EEEEEEEEEEEVVVVIIIIIILLLLL!

The idea is that at first I'll merely prop my laptops ontop of these dinner trays... but then I eventually box mod them to have the legs as part of their box designs. This on top of me using stactic straps to have ground strips applied to the dinner trays... and of course modifying my hardwares looks.

See... you'll know it was my evil empire that conquered a nation: out technology will be decked out in avocado green, rust red and fake wood panelling. Just like any fashionable attempt to conquer the world.

With this... will be purchasing cell phone amplification hardware. Right now I'm rocking a good 8KiB/sec of bandwidth to do my magic with. It was like back when I fucked with my internet connection settings... and got a similar speed. Usually it was about 3KiB/sec... but with a bit of lying to my hardware and software and jingling dialup setups... I could get it up to 6KiB/sec EASILY... 12KiB/sec during a few rare moments that would have my computer start to fry.

The thing is: most people design internet tools for having 100MiB/sec of bandwidth. Well, they did back during dialup days... just nobody complains about it these days. By working to boost my signal, I'm fairly certain my space to have stuff go up and down the network would be sufficiently increased. Or at least it would slow down the amount of dropped packets as I make use of the Internets.

Even with working on getting cell phone signal boosting hardware, and modifying it into clothing and the laptop box mods. Each one could easily work as its own amplifier.... probably not best to have them all amplifying at once... but it does allow enough redundancy for if one component breaks.

I'll still have to work on my various software things to make network communication easier on lower levels of bandwidth. The difference between the Internet of today and the internet from the days of dial up, is we've gained a few decent solutions to a lot of the bullshit from dialup... well, and usability interfaces for some of the solutions we had before the 1990s. Computer Science is like the most awkward dance with that retarded kid who thought they were good with computers, but in reality, nobody understood them at all, and he could kind of jimmy the settings in usable ways for other people. However he couldn't communicate what he did, so we just assumed he wasn't a complete asshat with electronics.

Essentially, I'll have to program what I've been promising for a bit, in the area of having a usable interface, a coding capability to run on old 8bit systems (eventually) and all the other stuff we forget in computer science when we come up with a solution to one of the other problems. God... computer science as a field is EXACTLY like that socially awkward dweeb kid. Right down to how often he forgets good ideas and solutions.

Either way... humble EEEEEEEEEVIL beginnings in my current goals. Cell Phone Signal Amplification hardware... and dinner table trays... and possibly my desired Avocado Green, Rust Red and Wood Panelling colour scheme! Seriously... electronics just miss that Wood Panelling on them these days.

Maybe I can box mod computers to have superfluous tape drives... as a computer is the tape drive. Constantly spinning.


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