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Took me a while to form this with wordy things and word type shapes... but something about Lady Gaga has always annoyed me. Particularly with how her shows work.

Eventually, I was thinking about how she takes from Marlyn Manson the whole "look at me, I'm fucked up"... and Madonna's "look at me, I'm sexy."

Which implies being sexy is considered fucked up--which is a nice social note... until you understand it pretty much only covers lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders being fucked up.

Essentially, she has created a circus side show of freaky looking things... but then went, "wait... should I put lobster boy in here? Naaw. What about a human covered in tattoos? No... WAIT! LET'S FILL IT WITH GAY PEOPLE!"

The thing is... that is exactly what it is: LOOK AT THE FREAKY GAYS!

She is parading around homosexuals as a fucked up weird and crazy thing... and is making money off of saying "being gay looks fucked up and freaky."

With Marlyn Manson he was doing the goth and freakshow thing. Doing psuedoreligious symbols... and pretty much going, "dude... society is fucked up."

Putting cops in pink uniforms, that breast outfit, the Personal Jesus video, Antichrist Superstar video... at one point riding on a pig covered in shit was how he said, "hey... this is fucked up, look at it."

The thing is... Lady Gaga is doing the riding on a pig naked except for shit... except instead of a pig or being covered in shit... she is riding on a gay guy naked... and full of shit.

Took me forever to explain why her videos piss me off... but essentially they make gay people look weird, fucked up and an abomination... and she makes money off of it, and an entire new generation of gay people is using this to inspire themselves who didn't have the pleasure of having Elton John, Roseanne, Rosie O'Donnell, Ellen, Christopher Titus, David Bowie, Izzy Pop, etc. to tell them that there is nothing wrong with being gay.

It is honestly disgusting how Lady Gaga does her stuff. I only JUST figured out how to explain the shit that goes through my head as she does her bullshit show.

I mean... her big thing is, "being gay is wacky, weird and something that makes you look like a freak"... and it ends up having being gay equated to riding on a pig naked and covered in feces while films with filters applied of church officials point at the camera. Something to go, "holy fuck... that is twisted fucked up stuff... LET ME GIVE YOU MY MONEY."

I for one really do not like how she pretty much handles LGBT as a Circus Freak Show type attraction.

I only figured out while staring at my Silverchair "Freakshow" Album cover.


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