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Michelle's new name

Well.. Good Heads and Bad Heads were talking for a bit. Mostly on how we both agree Mom was really misogynistic in her choosing "Mike" for the name of her protector personality. If she had a female name for her protector personality, we would have gone by that, rather than Katrina.

The thing is... there is a female version of Micheal, "Michelle"... unfortunately, we tend to use French Pronunciations of names... and Michelle is the French Micheal. Micheal is also the French Michelle. Fucking frenchies! Seriously... fuck em... because they are sexy... or something.

Bad Heads pointed out that she technically qualifies as my protector personality. While she generally avoids blurring into the front, she has been inclined to rearrange memories and skills... allowing harmful memories to be blocked off, until we can do stuff about them... and having skills and tools right up front as I need them.

Bad Heads also has mentioned she'd generally be interested in running as Michelle. The only reason we all were to be called Katrina was to not fuck with people having to remember all our names... and people consider us crazy as it is. Anyway we can hide reasons for them to not like us is best. Michelle however never seems to want to blur to the front. The most she will do is rearrange the front while I'm there to help allow me to handle it.

So yeah... her name is now Michelle.

She will probably mention it, if she ever comes forward... as she only comes forward when Katrina has been completely fucking destroyed mentally. Which is usually something Michelle strives to prevent by rearranging stuff in the front. If Katrina is destroyed, despite all efforts of Michelle to stop it... Michelle is usually pissed at people being idiots.


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